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We're fair because we care

Our company values are at the heart of what we do. We work hard together to honor our five values: Affordability, Community Commitment, Education, Quality Products, and Quality Service.



Because cannabis should be affordable. We research local prices of every product before it hits the shelves to guarantee a better price than the average market one.


Community Commitment

We pride ourselves on being industry role models by contributing back to the community and raising awareness for noble causes. Every location is dedicated to helping their community.



Safe consumption starts with education. All of our staff do a 3 week training program on compliance, safety, and cannabis knowledge to best assist customers.


Quality Products

All products are pre-approved to meet Tamerans Inventory Safety Standards. Our strict purchasing procedures are unparalleled in the industry


Quality Service

A cornerstone of any successful business, making our customers feel heard and appreciated is one of our most important goals.

Start a franchise

Interested In Starting Your Own Tameran’s?


For entrepreneurs who are looking to get a leg-up in the booming cannabis industry, Tamerans may be the right fit for you! With over 12 years of cannabis experience across multiple states, our team is ready to help you take the next step!


It can be a daunting task to launch any business, but specifically ones that are in the early stages of their evolution  while prohibition is phased out. Our franchise team will provide you with all tools and guidance needed to launch your own Tamerans franchise, without the hassles and struggles when starting from scratch. Our built-in support system, vast knowledge, and proven record of success will be available to you as you begin to grow your own Tamerans. We can offer you the independence you want with the guidance you need from industry experts.

Giving Back

We love to help, but we can’t do it alone.

With every Tamerans that opens, new community contributors are emerging. We aren’t just cannabis, we are Tamerans.

A community committed brand that strives to better the communities we are apart of. All of our stores are held to the strong unified standards of community commitment such as;

  1. Volunteering in the community.
  2. Always being trustworthy educators.
  3. Following all rules and laws and educating customers about them.
  4. Respecting the rights of everyone.
  5. Leading with compassion.
  6. Taking safe consumption seriously with a core focus of education as a responsibility to the public.

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"Amazing dispensary. As someone who's a regular consumer, this place is my go to. Great prices, good weed, and amazing customer service. They're always friendly, from walking in the door and being greeted, to ensuring your order is correct at checkout there's always a smile and good vibes."

photo of MrNotsam123 MrNotsam123 Google Review

"I've been to dozens of dispensaries through many different states and Tamerans is THE BEST. Everyone on staff was kind and outgoing, plus they really know what they are talking about. After a fem min of describing what I like, and what I'm looking for, they recommended a particular cartridge for me. It was exactly what I needed! I'll be coming here from now on"

photo of George Olfson George Olfson Google Review

"If I could give them another star I would. Our first experience was delightful. The staff is knowledgeable, welcoming and there was no rushed feeling. They had an amazing selection with a great price point/deals pretty much on everything. 10/10 will be back again! :)"

photo of Kerry Stevens Kerry Stevens Google Review

These guys are awesome. They're ALWAYS friendly, good weed, great prices AND I love the level of customer service they provide. Everyone cares, from greeting you at the door, to reading your order back to you at checkout and a step further they even have donation boxes for local charities that help the community.

M3 Leafly Review

"Tamerans is my favorite dispensary in southern Oregon. The staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and kind. They go above and beyond to give you the proper information about the products they have. The prices are great, the location is very easy to get to. I highly recommend this dispensary to all my guests who stay at our resort."

ddwelderchic Leafly Review

"It's ALWAYS felt like home when I step in the door all of the Bud tenders are always helpful and ready to answer any questions you may have 🙌🏽"

S4 Leafly Review

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