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Are you ready to enter into the rapidly-evolving Cannabis Industry? It can be a daunting task to launch any business, but specifically ones that are in the early stages of their evolution while prohibition is phased out. Tamerans has a great business model to get started. When you own a Tamerans store, you are not only creating your business, but you are becoming a part of something much bigger. Our franchise team will provide you with all tools and guidance needed to launch your own Tamerans franchise, without the hassles and struggles when starting from scratch. Our built-in support system, vast knowledge, and proven record of success will be available to you as you begin to grow your own Tamerans. We can offer you the independence you want with the guidance you need from industry experts.

Tamerans has evolved over the past 7 years into a safe place for consumers of cannabis to come and purchase with confidence. Armed with strong core values, Tamerans is not just a dispensary…we are a community leader – ready to help our customers feel better.

Our dedication to customers and community shines in everything we do. And because the community, education, and quality are of the utmost importance to us, we make sure that all franchisees everywhere participate carrying on the Tamerans legacy forward. We can offer all the guidance and tools needed to launch your own Tamerans store. These tools and support will enable franchisees to effectively serve their community and provide a quality cannabis experience. We provide training programs for establishing your store, staff, and management customized training software and materials, brand guides, and a number of other tools to get you started!

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